Papercut Collective



We're a group of young Designers working across domains including Architecture, Industrial Design, Graphic Design, Photography, Website Development, and User Interface Design and our Design interests go even further! We named ourselves the Papercut Collective to give rise to a new way of looking at our regular, but informal, get-togethers; where we discussed passionately (and debated fiercely) all manner of topics relating to Design in its many visual forms.

Once we recognised that we were a community of like-minded individuals (ideologically), we saw promise of what we might achieve together ... "with our powers combined" so to speak. We began thinking of ourselves as members of something that was taking form as a result of our chaotic, but excited, discussions and growing base of ideas. We began organising events that would extend our Design skills into areas we all wanted to explore and in which some of our members were already quite proficient (including those listed on the right hand side column).

And it went from there. So to make it easier to refer to these Design-focused activities we were conducting, we decided on this name for our group. It comes from any Designer's familiarity with, and indeed appreciation for, the simple medium of paper that has nurtured the Design industries and been the canvas for our creativity. And the "cut"s come from all the times it doesn't quite work out as planned =)

Our Philosophy

We're a deep bunch, always biting off big topics and critically evaluating whether we are helpful in the world. We even wrote a manifesto once before every hipster and their labradoodle had attempted one. If you ask real nice, we'll unleash it by request, otherwise there's just a surplus of those nowadays. But in short, we believe in making a real, local, significant and genuine difference.

Stuff we do

  • Photographic expeditions
  • Software "skills" workshops
  • (kind of like LAN parties for Designers)
  • Website/Portfolio development
  • Volunteering Design for good causes
  • Sketch-sessions